Case Studies

Over the past 25 years, we have helped a large number of our clients address strategic and operational challenges. Here we have selected just a few cases from our extensive consulting practice.

Case # 01

Case Studies

A leading international preventive healthcare company has hired T&MC Group to support their project to build a medical wellness retreat at a selected location in Istria, Croatia. This region is a globally recognized tourist destination with many traditional "sun & sea" resorts. Our client has developed highly effective and non-invasive prevention programs designed to provide clients with improve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, complexion and thus differentiated its offer to other providers of hospitality services in the region. In a fascinating 5-hectare location on the Adriatic coast, the client envisioned a state-of-the-art medical wellness center with accommodation in 50 beautiful five-star villas.

We conducted market research, defined the strategic concept and prepared a feasibility study. We also provided our client with support in negotiations with banks and financial investors in securing project financing.

Case # 02

Case Studies

One of the leading fireplace manufacturers in the region of Southeast Europe has decided to expand its business and strengthen its position in EU markets. A special challenge for the management and owners of this successful company are the fireplace markets in Italy and Germany.

As part of the companyq's internationalization project, T&MC Group conducted a survey of the fireplace market in Italy and Germany, the two most important national markets in the EU, and an analysis of competition and market potential. Based on the conducted research and market analysis, we proposed a business expansion strategy (Go-to-Market strategy) and an appropriate marketing strategy.

Case # 03

Case Studies

Our long-standing client is a fast-growing manufacturer of innovative products in the field of animal feed. This exceptional family business has systematically developed its market position in the competitive environment of traditional fodder producers over the past ten years. Thanks to the vision of the owner and management, and the internal team for the development of new products and solutions for poultry and livestock nutrition, our client has positioned itself in the market niche of animal specialties that not only have higher added value compared to competitors but also represent a major step towards sustainable agriculture.

The owners and management have engaged T&MC Group as their advisor in resolving various strategic and financial issues that accompany the rapid business growth of each medium-sized company.

Case # 04

Case Studies

The pioneer in private postal services and door-to-door logistics in Serbia engaged T&MC Group as strategic consultant in the early business stages. We have provided full support to the owners of this start-up company in programming the growth strategy, establishing an effective organizational structure and operational processes and implementation of state-of-the art digital technologies. Fast growing door-to-door services market in Serbia attracted international logistics corporations. Recognizing the risk of growing competition, owners decided to find a strategic partner. Based on our experience in M&A projects, we have advised owners in the process of finding and selecting strategic partner that would enable long-term sustainability and continued growth. Austria Post was chosen as the investor, which, after successful IPO, looked acquisition targets in Central and Southeast Europe.

T&MC Group successfully concluded the takeover transaction and monitored the integration for some time. Today, this company is an extremely successful and growing logistics company in Serbia.

Case # 05

Case Studies

The process joining the EU has actualized in the countries of Central and Southeast Europe the issue of local development. Common EU policies of regional and rural development have opened to local communities (municipalities and small towns) access to European Structural and Cohesion Funds. T&MC Group developed internal competencies related to local development, applying academic knowledge in this area with practical application in local self-government units. We are successfully advising more than 30 municipalities in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro in development planning, the preparation and management of development projects. The penetration of new technologies in the Region enables digital transformation at the level of local communities. In this context, today in the process of local development planning we apply modern contemporary local development concepts of "smart city" and "smart village".